Specifications of IR-receiver module

The electronic of the module sits in the plug. No need of an external powersupply. Supply is directly by the serial interface.

Connection to PC: serial interface - 9 pole Sub-D socket
Sensor sensitivity:
(maximum at customary 38 kHz modulation of the remote control)

Dependent of the remote control typically 10 - 30 meters (33 -100 feet) Also reflected by walls distances of some meters can be achieved.
See also diag. below.

Length of cable between sensor and connection plug: 2 - 15 meters (6,5 - 49,2 feet)
Measures of sensor: Area as seen from cable-axis: 5,5 * 6,0 mm

Directivity of the sensor:

e. g. for 45° the value of 0,5 shows the sensitivity and therefor the reach is 50 % - thats 5 -15 Meter.


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